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Basic Facts Made Interesting

  • Population: 2.6 million. It's said that sheep outnumber people in Mongolia eight to one! Overall, livestock outnumbers human beings by 12 to 1.

  • Territory: 1.6 million km2. It's ranked as the 6th largest country in Asia, larger than the overall combined territory of UK, France, Germany and Italy.

  • Food: Mutton (sheep) is the national dish. There was one vegeterian person in Mongolia, and they wrote about him in the papers as if he were Big Foot :-)

  • Language: Mongolian. It belongs to the Altaic family of languages which includes Finnish, Turkish, Kazak, Uzbek and Korean. We adopted Cyrillic script from Russians in 1940's. Before that we used traditional Mongolian script. See the old and new script.

Mongolia in Popular Culture

  • Wild Horses of Mongolia with Julia Roberts
    A documentary about Julia Roberts living among the nomads of Mongolia and discovering their special relationship with the wild horse. Roberts spent several weeks with a nomadic family, living exactly as the family. PBS: Nature Channel movie. See the official movie page

  • The Story of the Weeping Camel
    A documentary about a Mongolian camel who rejects her calf after a difficult birth. The sound of a horse-head violin along with a melodic singing of a woman coaxes the mother camel into nursing her baby.

    Nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, winner of Directors Guild Award for Best Documentary. Directed by Byambasuren Davaa and Luigi Falorni, distributed by ThinkFilm. IMDb Page, Internet Movie Database.

  • Queen Amidala of Star Wars Episode I
    Queen Amidala's senate costume was inspired by a Mongolian traditional garment worn by noble women. See and compare the costumes
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